Northern Grampians

The Northern Grampians Shire provides various lifestyle opportunities and amenities in a secure, rural environment with a favourable climate. Real estate prices are reasonable, allowing residents to afford their preferred lifestyle choices.


Northern Grampians is home to over 11,900 people. The major towns are Stawell in the south and St Arnaud in the north, serving the surrounding rural communities. Other smaller townships include Great Western, Halls Gap, Glenorchy, Navarre, Marnoo, and Stuart Mill. The community is welcoming and united, with people from diverse backgrounds.

The population enjoys a range of sporting and leisure activities in a natural environment. Activities include bushwalking, rock climbing, boating, fishing, and various sports. There are also community sports centres, golf courses, and entertainment venues. Those interested in the arts can visit galleries, museums, and cultural spaces.

The shire has a well-developed infrastructure for transport, communication, utilities, and services. Two first-class hospitals, medical centres, helicopter and radio ambulance services, as well as a range of patient services, are available to provide top-quality medical care. Additionally, there are services for residents with disabilities aimed at promoting community integration.

In the last decade, the Northern Grampians have maintained their diverse and healthy natural environments. The region stands out for its unique indigenous cultural heritage, wine and gold history, and access to the Wimmera silo art trail through St Arnaud. A major regional development is the Stawell Underground Physics Lab (SUPL) in the active Stawell Gold Mine. SUPL will showcase Northern Grampians on the world research stage, focusing on tackling significant scientific challenges like dark matter and the Big Bang theory.

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